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    There has been a lot of discussion on these boards lately regarding the announcements of the past two weeks (Clie, Edge, m50?). It seems that we have a lot of opinions and a lot of questions and a lot of debate.

    Because of this, I sent an email over to Handspring and lined up an interview with one of their competitive product managers. There are some questions I wanted to ask them, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to have your voice heard instead of mine. I know that I often read interviews and articles and wonder why the writer didn't ask certain questions. Not this are in the drivers seat.

    What do you want to know? What questions do you want answered? What statements do you want to make? Now is your chance to be heard by the company itself...but please keep them relevant to the customer service or techinical support requests, and please no flames or rants.

    Some things you may want to remark on or ask:

    •What do you want to see from a handheld?
    •Where do you want to see Handspring in six months? A year?
    • What is missing?
    •What are they doing right?

    Let's keep it a cool and respectful discussion for all and not let it turn into a gripe session...we'll get more out of a good debate. I'll take as many questions as I can get into a piece...and then I will also do a poll to get a vibe on what everyone is thinking.

    Yur pal,

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    Not being a *****, but I am curious how Handspring expects people to buy the prism over the m505 at the same price.

    Info on new devices is always a good time, as well.
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    I want to know if they have any plans to add a vibrating (silent) alarm feature.
    I want to know if they have any plans to have a backlit graffiti area.
    I want to know if they have any plans for a device with the Clie 320x320 screen.
    I want to know if they plan on releasing a device with an SD slot and a Springboard sled that plugs into that slot instead of the "Edge" connector.
    I want to know if they plan on trying to compete with Palm by dropping prices or if they expect people will continue to pay extra for Springboard compatibiltiy.
    I want to know if they plan on having any models with Bluetooth built in.
    (I think it would be really cool to have a bluetooth connection between a Visor and a cradle, so the cradle could just be a small pod that connects to the desktop machine and you synch by hitting a button on the Visor)

    Sadly I don't expect them to answer many of these since they'd be shooting their current product line in the foot.
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    I want to know:
    Will they make visor edge with color screen?
    I want more memory for future visor.
    Have A Good Day!
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    I'm extremely interested in whether they plan to go the multimedia route Sony has gone (audio, 320 x 320 screen etc.) in the near future or whether they are going to wait...

    I'd also like to voice my vote for a lowering of prices (Prism and Platinum mainly).
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    I'd bring up the following points:

    -Running applications from Memory Modules ( CF/SD etc...)
    Fantasy or Reality?

    -OS Upgrade? Is it possible if not then what do I do with my $449 Prism in 6 months?

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    What I'd love to see is information about tradeoffs that they have learned from studying 'emerging' technologies and innovations. For example, I'm sure that they know all about how Sony developed the 320x320 resolution or Samsung soft grafitti area, but I'm interested in their decision making process for incorporating or not incorporating features and technologies into new products. Questions like how much will [insert feature] affect battery life, speed/processor load, cost, or usability. How do they decide when the right time to introduce a feature is (the 'sweet spot' that Mace talked about in his Palmsource slides). I think (at least some) people on this forum would benefit from a frank discussion of some of the real life trade-offs, and maybe there would be less griping about all of the features people want to pack into a $250-$450 handheld and more 'enlightened' debate about balancing cost/benefit.

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