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Which Phones can run OpenWebOs?
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So if i would like to have an OpenWebOs phone, witch one should i buy?

is there a phone that can use this great OS that HP destroyed and then made Open?
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Not yet...

There are efforts to port Open webOS, but the Ports Team have said time and again do not buy any device based on some promise or idea that it has potential to be ported to.

These things take time and lots and lots of effort - drivers are the issue and dead ends might be found.

You realistically should wait until a Beta is announced at the very least.
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RumoredNow is true. If you really want to be that bleeding edge than a Galaxy Nexus would be what you should buy. But again: it's experimental.
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As Rod Whitby's said time and time again:

Don't buy the device expecting it to ever run Open webOS. Even if it'll run OS, it may never run it well. Or be feature-complete. Or run sophisticated (PDK-level, non-Enyo) apps. Or...(insert other things).

Buy it because it's a phone you want first and foremost--not because of Open webOS.
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