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Ares in the new Enyo framework
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Hi All,

first apologies if not in correct sub forum, and secondly I'm a total newbie when it comes to application development.

I have a question I used Ares a while back to create a simple sound board application for my Pre2 and it was relatively simple to get started. Everything was in the browser, is the old Ares still available?

Now with Enyo I have to download from github, run nodejs and I still don't have the nice Ares GUI that I used before and still no idea whats going on

Is there an easy getting started guide that doesn't require parsing though oodles of read me's? I'm using Windows 8 x64. fyi


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The Ares portal seems to be still live
https://ares.palm.com/Ares/login.html but it's pretty old now and I wouldnt personnaly recommend to use it.

Here is a guide to install Ares 2, it's very easy if you follow it step by step
To get the visual builder you need to create a new project, choose bootplate 2.1.1 and then modify it.
Usefull infos in this thread:
How do I get ares 2.0 up and running?
and a demo video:
Ares & Enyo Demo - YouTube
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Thanks Vity much appreciated, will keep me of Natural Selection 2 for a while lol

Just to add I was using the graphical Github tool and i had to do the following in Github command line otherwise i received errors about phonebuilder

$ cd ares-project
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update


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