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ENYO2 as Preware framework package?
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Old 12/29/2012, 02:47 AM   #1 (permalink)
pivotCE Developer
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In the advent of enyo2-apps, wouldn't it be nice to have a updatable ENYO2 framework package in Preware, like the enyo one for legacydevices?

So not every app has to deliver it's own framework and clutter our phones.

and perhaps fixing SYM-key on phones could be done by a central-patch:
[Patch request]enable SYM key in enyo on webOS <3.x - webOS Nation Forums - http://forums.webosnation.com/webos-patches/308804-patch-request-enable-sym-key-enyo-webos-3-x.html#post3370250
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pivotCE Developer
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i just saw, even paid ENYO 2.1 apps arrive:
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Enyo2 is designed to be shipped with the application for the sake of making cross-platform development easier. When deployed it totals around 130kb- you could fit 53846.153 copies of it on an 8Gb webOS device.

Also, the locations of enyo.js, enyo.css and other necessary files are hardcoded in the application's index.html. Adding an on-device enyo would force developers to choose which they wanted to support, thus causing fragmentation.

With regards to the sym key, perhaps having a word with the phonegap guys would be a good idea- it's the official HP solution for integrating webOS-specific stuff (services, etc) into Enyo2.
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Old 01/06/2013, 02:00 AM   #4 (permalink)
pivotCE Developer
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Well thanks for pointing out that small footprint of the framework, it should be no prob then.

And after checking out that quick-hack code and enabling SYM key in ENYO1 apps and enabling it to 90% in ENYO2 apps (only paste into textfield fails) i'm convinced it can no big thing for a dev to fix it to a 100% and add this to ENYO2-webOS-compatibility library.

[Patch request]enable SYM key in enyo on webOS <3.x

But if this will be the phonegap guys? Wasn't there a community lib project?

Any skilled ENYO2 dev?
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