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WebOS GUI home screen replacement app
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Hello all,

I had this idea, which is kind of similar to what Phoenix is doing with WebOS but not quite: Why not turn WebOS into a homescreen replacement app for Android, much like Chameleon, Go Launcher EX HD or Apex Launcher HD. You would get the great GUI of WebOS plus all the apps for Android. Instead of repackaging APKs for WebOS, we could repackage IPKs for Android (which are far fewer that aren't on Android as well).

I might be confused and that this is what Phoenix is ACTUALLY doing with WebOS, but I always thought this was a good idea and most cost effective.



p.s I posted this on Rootzwiki, but I thought you guys might know better
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Interesting idea. Though Luna isn't merely a GUI, but also an app framework that ties different parts of the system together. And webOS apps that rely on webOS services won't work properly without rewriting or wrapping under Android.
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I mean I feel like we can get the WebOS-Android combo by heavily skinning android from the ground up. Look what Amazon and B&N have done with Android on the Kindle Fire and the Nook HD. This will be even easier with 4.2 Jelly Bean, because the UI has become more WebOS-like, particularly with notifications.

As for the services that you reference, what do you mean? Synergy? Google uses a REALLY bare bones version of what we use exclusively with Google Accounts.

Ideally I would like the WebOS and Luna framework laid upon Android guts so that APKs will work. It just makes more sense instead of trying to insert Android elements in an already stable and established OS
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cards would be great, but w/o multitasking its just a gui...
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I mean Android 4.2's multitasking (on tablets at least) is REALLY similar to ours. It wouldn't take much to re-skin that as a Cards system and keep it on a constant view mode.

There's a GoLauncher EX theme for android phones that uses elements of WebOS GUI. Build on that, it's possible
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