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Dead Pre 3--what now?
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My Pre 3 is dead after a fall to the floor, and I'm wondering what to do next given the advent of Open webOS. What device is most likely to have a stable port in the near future? I'll be patient, but if I have to buy new hardware I want it to have a potential webOS future (ideally webOS/ACL!).
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its going to be a phone that's out that's sold well I think . But the most "open" phone out now is the nexus.
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Yup, sell the Pre3 (how much you want for it?)

Anyway, you might wanna go for the Nexus as that's what's being ported first. Tbh it's hard to tell as I think we're a way off something fully usable
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"Stable" ports may not be around for a while yet; there are far too many features missing and performance is atrocious enough in the ports being presented right now that nobody in their right mind would call them anywhere near usable.

They're good proofs of concept, but nothing anything should be relying on as an indication of which device to buy. The devil is in the details when it comes to porting, and getting something to display on the screen is amongst the easiest steps in the process.
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