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ZTE to launch webOS phone in Q4?
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Old 11/16/2012, 02:34 AM   #81 (permalink)
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Erm... Not to spoil the party, but some time ago, everything was made clear that this was simply a mistake: There was an interview with one of these chinese companies boss, who said they were about to make a phone with a web-based os. Somehow, the translator assumed it was webOS. It happens to be Firefox OS.

Which I consider a poor joke compared to webOS, but who knows, they are supposed to have money.

Or am I completely wrong on the mistake affair?
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Is it wrong that I would actually look forward to FireFox OS as well? I used the firefox browser for many years until Chrome came around, & I think the world needs more than just 2-3 choices when it comes to operating systems.
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Firefox OS has commercial and carrier backing globally along with the potential to make a real dent in the market share game amongst low to mid-level devices internationally, so it makes sense to support them.

Calling Firefox OS "a poor joke" without having used it is something only a grossly misinformed person would state with certainty. The people behind the project have, in large part, been behind Mozilla for a decade and they have the inventor of JavaScript in their ranks on the Firefox OS project.
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