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Just checking in to see the pulse of WebOS
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Hello all! Former WebOS user here (disclaimer: I left WebOS only because I moved to Japan and my only carrier option was Softbank, which wouldn't support my Pre2). It's been a while since I've checked out the forums here and I just wanted to see if there is good progress being made on the open source front. I will be back in the States in mid-2014...what are the odds that new WebOS devices will be available by then?

p.s. I still miss TRUE multitasking! ...and swiping!
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New WebOs devices? Nobody can answer this seriously, but if I had to guess: for really NEW devices, the chances seem slim to me.
But our heroes from WebOS Internals and WebOSports will probably (hopefuilly) have some migrations done to existing devices by then. But that's me hoping. No guarantees on that too.

The status of the WebOS AppCatalog by then is an entirely different matter...

ps: there is still pulse. WebOS Internals is a kind of defibrillator atm. We are still waiting and hoping for a serious and permanent cardiovascular stimulant (=hardware manufacturer).

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Yeah, there's more happening for webOS on the TP, but we keep hoping webOS Internals will get around to phones, too.
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Mini cards plus stacks on phone would be so awesome. One can only hope there is a way to make it happen
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