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What can we make of this open-embedded core business for Open webOS?
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Hey all!

As you guys know, the beta build of Open webOS's Source Code has been released on GitHub... ... can't wait to see what the Community can start doing with this code..

I'm a tad confused on this Open-Embedded Core business tho as I am not a dev .. so as far as I can tell, for the open source version of webOS, HP has chosen to port lunasysmgr (and those services that help to make up the webOS environment) to an Open-Embedded linux core/base, which itself, is currently compatible with a wide variety of devices and architectures.. or has webOS always been built on top of an Open-Embedded base?

And final question, does this mean porting to other devices is a less tedious process for Devs?

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This chapter (below) was written about 6-7 years ago around the time open embedded first started, so it is out-of- date but probably still a good explanation for what it was meant to do.

OpenEmbedded for Deep Embedded Systems
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