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The design of the future Open WebOS smartphone
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OP, I think 5 inches is fine assuming you "steal" a trick from the Playbook and make it all screen with all four sides swipeable and active. Also, WVGA (800x480) is waaaaaaay too low resolution for a 5-inch mobile screen, IMHO. Nothing under 720p would be acceptable in 2013 for a flagship device. Otherwise...looks cool!
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Just saw this.

As a designer, there are a few basic issues:

1. The screen aspect ratio is way off - this is almost square - WebOS is designed for a 4:3 aspect ratio - this will help you solve the percieved "huge" size that others are commenting on. Note, also, that your chosen screen size has an aspect ratio of 16:9 - that would mean the the screen should be much taller than it is wide..

2. I this is, indeed a 5" diagnal screen, then a screen size of 800 x 480 will yeild very poor and blurry (not sharp images). You should be thinking along the lines of 1280 x 960...

3. Since I can't be sure how thick your design is, I can't tell if it would be too weildy for a normal person to handle.. a 5" diagnal screen would have to sit on a device that is at least 6" long, and likely 3.5" wide.. so, thickness will really make a difference for the user experience regarding the "brick" versus "comfortable" feel.

The one thing I find very interesting is how you designed the material pattern... its unique, and I'd be interested to know what materials those are..

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Nice...nice. My preference is between 4 and 5 inch screen. But there is that word 'preference'. As there has not been a webos phone with a BIG screen, maybe there should be. The idea of small, medium, large with the Veer, Pre3, TouchPad was a good one in that there has to be some variability. Maybe we need the Pre/Pre+/Pre2 to be Medium, bump up the Pre3 to Large, and call the TouchPad EXTRA EXTRA LARGE? Many people said "TOO SMALL that Veer...no way would I want it!" Yet, there are many that got it and really like it. I'm not one of them, but if you handed me one, I'd like it...just wouldn't pick it. I haven't seen a real Pre3, but I think it is closer to my ideal size. (I have a Pre2). I have played with a TouchPad, but let's stay with phones...that is the topic.

A LARGE phone or Extra Large phone like a 5" screen will be something that appeals to some. having about 4 size factors would probably be ideal. Having two options in each size category (virtual vs. physical, V vs. P keyboard) is also ideal. So we have SMALL-V and SMALL-P (Veer size), MEDIUM V and P (Pre/Pre+/Pre2), LARGE V and P (Pre3), EXTRA LARGE V and P (something like this phone in size)...and HUSKY. My mom says I'm just big boned...
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