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HP Internet Display
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check this out...

HP Passport 1912nm 18.5-inch Internet Monitor overview - HP Small & Medium Business products

it's the New HP Internet Monitor.... the line it's named HP Passport (they already have an HP passport for users in HP sites...)

this is the datasheet...

why didn't HP use the webOS Browser... i mean...

it's already working....
it's arm also....
it supports flash....

with that they could even continue bringing "new" flash versions to webOS... even making a better browser....

and most importantly.... it's theirs....

also we already have multimedia apps.... and the user's could even buy new apps from the store...

i've said before that i'm an HP fan, for 16 years.... and i've only bought their Stuff for everything.... like, if i wanted something and HP had it then i bought theirs, with no doubt....clocks(dreamscreen), TVs, cameras, digital frames, my watch was HP branded, i used to buy HP clothes, books, watter bottles, pens, holly crap!, i bought many HP stuff... here's where...

HP Branded Merchandise :: Home

that was why i started using webOS... but seriously, after that August 18 of ****... i've been very... mmm... i don't know how to express myself about them... i put so much effort and time on HP and then they suddenly were telling us that everything they said, was a lie, that they where throwing the towel.... ****! i'm verrrrrrrryyyyyy ****sseeddddddddddddddddddd........... mmmmmm...... sorry.... but i am.... what happend to webOS (team, devices, fans, everybody) was horrible.... is. horrible.

hahaha, i change the subjet, sorry about that... but they continue kicking our *****, and it hurts a lot even for HP die-hard fans.... the printers have ARM processors and some have 256MB or more.... hey! that's a pre-.... they are touchscreen... they have wifi... they could have turned them into "buy a printer... get an HP TouchPad Go Go (haha) free" or on the go or micro touchpad or something like that.... and they could develop the apps for the companies that didn't wanted to or didn't have money to or didin0t wanted to invest in... the apps are like cartridges for mobile devices, that's why they sell printers, right? why they didin't understand that..... SHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! sorry again, i changed the subject again..... but i'm frustrated....

who's with me to start a campaign for telling people about how HP is nor even supporting their own???
i was thinking about that for sometime....
like when they say somethin on twitter like this
Twitter / RobertQ: @HP_Retail @HP could also
we should answer with something webOS could solve.... but they didn't....

in this case... the HP Internet Monitor... let's face it... it's a BIG tablet without the touchscreen.... so webOS with a Mouse or just the multimedia, exhibition and the browser, they could even add picsel smart office to it... well people could buy it... or they could include it in the price.... they mess it.... again... and webOS is able to print to HP printers... ****... it's solved... webOS is the answer Again... what's wrong with you guys at HP?

webOS [[[ ]
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I'm guessing from reading some of the recent spiel on how HP works, it sounded like a lot of their divisions and departments run sort of seperatly rather than as a whole, a sort of them vs us setup only inhouse, so seeing stuff like that doesn't surprise me.

such a pity, just makes HP seem more like the commodore of old.
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Originally Posted by geekpeter View Post
such a pity, just makes HP seem more like the commodore of old.
Exactly. And if theay don't change that attitude, they will go the same way.
Commodore had a brilliant horse in the stable, the Amiga. But they ignored it and tried to become successful with their PC line.
Bad mistake.
They paid the price. Sadly, that was the end for the Amiga as well.

It took me 10 years to do all the things on a PC again, that I did on my Amiga before.

And yes, I absolutely see the same mistakes in HP and they already paid (sharedrop caused by Leo) and might pay even more, if they continuedly ignore their own strength and assets and run around without strategy, like a chicken without a head.
War doesn't prove who's right, only who's left...
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