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What can I the common man do to help WebOS?
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I just recently got a palm pre 2. I much prefer webos and the pre form factor. I even prefer the size with my 2600mah battery. I would like to see webOS succeed. So what am I, the common man, to do?

I never became very skilled with programming. I don't have any connections to the tech industry. All I do now is show people my pre 2 and see how they like it. Most really like it.
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Just keep using it and telling people about it an buy a few programs from the App Catalog to support developers still on webOS.
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buy some of the good apps and make these developers happy, so they stay on board.
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I just got my Pre 3 and I'm feeling exactly the same way. I'm absolutely in love with the phone!

In fact just today (admittedly due to the lack of ANY Google Tasks app), I have nearly convinced myself to learn to develop for the platform just to fix those little things that are lacking. We'll see how it goes, but in the mean time, I'll keep contributing to the devs still out there updating and creating the awesome apps/patches

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I loved my touchpad so much I made myself a Frankepre 2. The key thing is buying apps and using them.

donate to webOS internals and purchase preware documentation app,

one thing I noticed after a while, some websites like CNET that did not load properly now do.
Let's go LG, be not like HP.

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