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About Porting webOS to devices
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Originally Posted by rhauer View Post
My Pre+ is dying and i need to make a change. I'm one of these guys that has never had a real problem with the Pre hardware. I love the size and keyboard. The Android phones are two big and I like having a keyboard.

The Torch seems like great hardware, can we get WebOs on it.
Same here. Loved the form factor (portrait slide-out keyboard, mute switch on top was perfect for walking into a meeting or my sleeping sons' room, hard number buttons in the same format as a regular phone keypad) except for the fact that I couldn't get a snap-case to stay on it to save my life.

The lack of durability is what finally killed it for my wife and me; between us, we did 7-8 warrantee/insurance replacements for various hardware malfunctions before the deductible became prohibitive. We finally went Android, and miss the intuitive functionality of webOS more than ever. She loves the (way too) big screen on her DROID 4, but I opted for the DROID Pro just because of the portrait keyboard and smaller size (can't stand those comically oversized landscape keyboards) that allows for much more effective one-handed, minimal-looking-at-the-screen use while doing other things.

What I miss most is the intuitive webOS multi-tasking interface. Preaching to the choir, I know, but no one else has even come close to that kind of ease of use. What were people thinking when they paid so much more attention (and money!) to the powerful but clunky iOS and Android interfaces?! Argh.

I've seen a few things that can work (Itching Thumb [if I could find a working download link for it!] for card-switching, Wave Launcher, been using SwipePad for switching), but what I really want is to have webOS proper on my Pro. Not a developer, just a semi-power-homebrew-user. :P)
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Geez can't tell you how much I keep swiping up my samsung stratosphere to get card view only to be shellshocked when nothing happens...

If only I could get webOS on this thing...

One of these days some android or wp7 manufacturer will hopefully produce a pre 3 screen size device with a vertical keyboard...

Damn you leo...
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Old 04/24/2012, 01:13 PM   #23 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
Geez can't tell you how much I keep swiping up my samsung stratosphere to get card view only to be shellshocked when nothing happens...

If only I could get webOS on this thing...
Have exactly the same issue when using the wife's 4S. How I wish my pre+ was as quick as that and with same battery life...

And so to think about extending the appeal of webOS...

In addition to phones and tablets, webOS would be brilliant in a Car PC head unit. Apps to do Sat Nat, internet radio streaming etc. whilst naturally having phone integration, and syncing media library when within range of home network.

Or if Touch to Share could be expanded in functionality and somehow made to integrate with some PC/Mac applications too, then that would be a hell of a proof of concept!

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I regularly swipe on ICS, MeeGo and iOS. I want webOS everywhere.
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Maybe I posted on the wrong forum, but I started a topic about potentially getting an OEM involved by sending in a lot of request for features:

It seems like the company is new getting into the smartphone scene and are probably interested in trying to differentiate themselves from other players by asking consumers for advice. I suggest more people give them a shoutout.
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