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can we get our bluetooth audio touchstone :(
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Sorry, only prototypes built that we know of.
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As far as I know, perhaps 50 were _ever_ made and that includes the 3 or 4 early revs that didn't really even work.

I've got one (on which the audio part doesn't even work anymore ) and I know several others here who have one or two, but you're unlikely to get them to sell.

The only real advantage vs a normal TouchStone plus a separate BT audio box (such as the Monoprice 7346 @ ~$20 US) is that the TouchStone Audio Dock (the "real" name for what we called a23 internally) will auto-pair of you have a Pre3 (or a Veer if webOS 2.2.4 ever makes it out of the house). The a23 really is just a BT audio device glommed onto the guts of a TouchStone (to the point where the interface between 'our' eletronics and the BT part is emulating button pushes with I/O pins from a microcontroller!!)

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