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    anyone tried it yet? how's entourage? does it sync well with your visor?

    i really want to make the upgrade, but entourage is a big part of that decision, and if they don't sync, then i'll rethink...

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    There's a lot of talk about it at

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    so i've got office 2k1 now and after some problems (word and quark seem to have some issues) i've got it running relatively smoothly. entourage is a great app, in my not entirely fully tested opinion, but it took a while to get it to sync with my visor properly... here's the deal, i kept getting duplicates, either in entourage, or the visor or both, and i can't remember the combination i finally used in the conduit manager to rectify it, but i'm down to just a couple of datebook duplicates. i think part of the problem is action names, and how the icons/contact links essentiall rewrite themselves into notes for desktop viewing. in any case, i'm slightly worried that somewhere along the way it will happen again, and man, what a pain. i've downloaded the crippleware undupe, but don't want to pay for it if the issue is fixed now, and i won't need it. sadly with the holiday rush, i don't have the time to fart around trying all different extension/hotsync/whatever configurations. hmmm...

    any thoughts/experiences with macffice2k1 and visor combos?

    i'm running macos8.5 by the way, syncing with my ovdx.

    the entourage import from palm desktop and outlook express was fanatstic, too. i had to deal with duplicates in the address book, but that was why i wanted the app in the first place. email addresses change so often, and i never knew whose address i had in oe and whose in my visor, and now, they all sync beautifully. also, multimail seems to work well with entourage. i just redirected the script to entourage instead of oe and it works beautifully.

    anyway, my previous ms experience has been spotty at best, and i just don't want this to get fouled up after it's too late, i.e.: ii stop syncing with palm desktop, and one day some catastrophe happens in a sync, and it's over.

    so any thoughts comments warnings are very very welcome.
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    i take it back... upon closer inspection, the sync has done some serious corruption to the address book database on the vdx. specifically, removed a number of categories and strangely, a number of addresses from contacts that previously had them.

    anyone have any words of advice to offer. i really like the potential of entourage... so much that i just might kill myself without it. ok, not that much, but ooooooohhhhh!!

    the support maze at mactopia is enough to drive me mad, so i haven't done it yet. i have for the moment (at least till i get more time to futz with the whole stinking mess) gone back to oe5 and palm desktop (which has a prettier if slightly less useful interface)

    say moderators, can you move this thread to troubleshooting?
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    Originally posted by matty
    say moderators, can you move this thread to troubleshooting?
    For the time being, let's keep it here as it sounds more like a MacOS problem than a Visor one. If that changes, I'll be glad to move it.
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