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FYI See link.

This is the very reason why if no one liscens webOS, I'm going to avoid RIM/BB. Also b/c their Music deal isn't very good....they limit the number of song you can stream. If I remember correctly you calso can't import your won music.

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RIM on the Edge: BlackBerry Risks Becoming Irrelevant
Ginny Mies
26.08.2011 kl 14:01 | PC World

RIM on the Edge: BlackBerry Risks Becoming Irrelevant†( - Consumer Electronics )

Last week was an eventful one in the smartphone world: Google purchased Motorola Mobility, HP dropped WebOS, and--oh yeah!--Research in Motion announced the availability of its latest BlackBerry smartphones, all running the new BlackBerry 7 OS. The Bold 9900, Torch 9850, and Torch 9810 are all decent phones, but they arenít strong enough to make RIM phones competitive once more with iPhones and Android handsets.