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    cantaffordit... and you've been great about helping us see them. Sometimes we do have to get up from the computers Just remember, you were new once too... a loooong loooong time ago! lol

    Hey! Congrats on hitting the 3K mark! You have now become a Runner! Please report to LastDay...
    I just wanted to point out that i was never "new". I was born with an extensive knowledge of WebOS.

    Oh jeez, Cantaffordit. 3k posts already? Do you live here at Precentral? lol. I do too though... You should come by my place to visit. I live at the corner of WebOS Patches and Palm Pre.
    Want to keep up with my exciting new projects? You know where to find me.
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    I'm just glad to get all the anti-webOS-love-Android posts are getting moved! I'm SO tired of all the belly-aches! hahaha

    So, thank you Mods!! I love they job you're doing!
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    The HTC EVO 4G vs. Palm Pre - Official thread has close to 300 threads merged into it.

    Yeah and every one has a little bit different spin. Times 300.

    Imagine 300 EVO threads. You would all leave.

    Then there are the hundreds of "I'm leaving!" or "I hate Palm!" threads that are merged into the General Pre Complaints thread.

    Please keep hitting the Report button every time you see another of these spawn.

    If you have a question about a moderators action on a thread hit the Report Button. If you do it in public you violate the forum this.

    - Craig
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    When I move or rename a thread I do so in the hope that it will better enable forum members to find the info they are looking for.

    it's that simple.
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