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    Originally posted by perze_a
    has anybody ever dared to e-mail the winner and ask him/her about the experience of winning a $265 "collector's" item box?
    i just wrote and ask him why he bought it. if he responds (highly unlikely), i'll post it here.

    in the meantime, for a good laugh at other ebay oddities, check out

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    Well folks, here's a new article abotu a silmiar thing..

    jsut wiht a PS2, and something that was even worh less than an XBOX box.. *sigh* poor guy
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    Here's another story on the PS2 picture scam.
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    Originally posted by Yorick
    Here's another story on the PS2 picture scam.
    I feel sorry for these people, but they got what they paid for.

    Finally truth in advertisement.:-)
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    This would be a superb opportunity for Sony to jump in, donate 300 PS2s to the "winners" and come off looking like the good guys.

    Not that they'll do it, but they should.

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