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    Those of us who follow technology (read everyone on this board) know James as CNET's senior audio editor. His family went missing as they were driving from Seattle to SF on Saturday 11/25.

    I think I speak for everyone here when I say TC prays for his family's safe return.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
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    I will hope for a safe return too!

    All year nothng but bad news about everybody! I'll be glad when 2007 gets here!
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    shocking and sad. I hope he and his family are found safe and sound.
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    My thoughts and prayers . . . . .
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    from net: December 2, 2006, 12:30 PM PST

    update Following confirmed sightings last Saturday night of missing CNET editor James Kim and his family at a Denny's restaurant in Roseburg, Ore., search efforts are shifting north to Douglas County, Oregon police said Saturday morning.
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    Better News!! Three of the four have been found. They are still searching for the father who went looking for help two days ago.
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    never leave the car.
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    Unfortunately, the worst has been confirmed
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    This is some very very sad news.
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    Very sad...he had the best of intentions..very sad, esp. for who he left behind
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    I have two little girls almost the same ages... I'll hug them a little longer at bed time tonight. Heartbreaking.
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    I used to watch Kim all the time on Cnet's Mobitv channel. My wife and I followed this very closely and prayed for the best. My deepest condolences to the family.
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    Yes, a very sad ending. My prayers are with his family, friends & co-workers..
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    a sad but very honorable death -- by someone who acted rationally, driven by desperation when it seemed as though his family's collective survival required a desperate choice.

    Having starved and shivered in freezing weather for a week, Kim had good reason to fear that they were unlikely to be rescued unless he searched for help himself.

    From what I've read, I understand that he meant to explore only a few miles from their car, and return after about five hours.

    Sadly its likely that his hunger and cold combined to his becoming confused as to his route, and perhaps he got lost in attempting to make his way back to their car.

    Its easy to imagine how the cold and his fear of losing his family contributed to some disorientation, and how he might in desperation continue to hike even after darkness fell.

    Under those conditions, its quite possible that he came blindly onto the freezing water of the creek where he was found, succumbing from hypothermia in the creek's shallow water.
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    kind of reminds me of people getting lost in outback australia and leaving their car...
    It is the worst thing you can do.. better burn of a tyre per day to attrackt attention.

    Very sad story indeed..
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    The saddest part of this story is that there was a fishing cabin fully stocked with food that was only 1 mile away from where the Kim's car was parked. Apparently if Kim had walked in the other direction when he set out to find help he would have seen the cabin. The cabin was not on a minor road, not a main road which is why he probably didn't walk in that direction.

    CENTRAL POINT, Ore. - The San Francisco man who sought help for his stranded family and got lost in the snowy wilderness died of hypothermia near a fishing lodge stacked with food, authorities said.

    James Kim, 35, had no way of knowing about the Black Bar Lodge. His body was found in shallow water feeding Big Windy Creek, about a mile away from the lodge, where he could have found shelter, warmth and enough food for months, authorities said Thursday.

    "I wish Mr. Kim would have found the place," owner John James said. "It would have been a beautiful ending to a sad story."
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