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    I've been testing the Sprint Treo 650 for a few days and am considering returning it for the Cingular GSM version, due out this month.

    Can anyone tell me what their experience has been *** far as Cincular/AT&T GSM coverage in the Salt Lake City area? Also, I need to know what the coverage is like in the Seattle area, Bothell specifically.

    I have the Cingular GSM and Sprint Digital maps, and Cingular appears to have a bit better coverage.

    Any info is appreciated.
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    I have had very few issues w/ Cingular/AT&T here in Salt Lake City since the beginning of last year. I was one of the first to adopt GSM service when AT&T went live here in Salt Lake in late 2003, and coverage has improved dramatically since. I do, from time to time, experience “dead spots” or more accurately, spotty service, but that is usually while in my car or in a basement. Overall coverage I would consider near-excellent. I have had Verizon in the past, and I would consider Cingular’s coverage on-par with theirs (perhaps slightly lower).

    I can not provide you with a good Cingular/Sprint comparison, since I have never used Sprint, but as you noted, looking at the coverage maps, Cingular has better service.

    Hope this helps.
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    I had a TREO 600 for several months and was constantly discouraged by dropped calls and poor reception. My device was lost (or stolen) in November and I picked up a little Motorola V220 and the recpetion has been significantly improved.

    I live in Utah and am able to make calls with confidence at the crest of Point of the Mountain whereas I never could before.

    There are many other spots where I could anticipate a low-signal (my basement, etc.) that have improved since I got off the 600 but none that are as widely-known as POTM (between the Salt Lake & Utah Valleys)

    I have every intention of picking up a 650 as soon as I can but if the reception isn't improved over the 600 I'll have a tough choice to make.

    A co-worker has a 650 with Sprint and was bragging a few minutes ago that he hasn't had a dropped call in the 6 weeks he's had it.
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    What service do you have now? Are you on T-Mobile or Cingular? I've had good luck with reception on AT&T's TDMA network in Utah, but recently the coverage has been dropping off. I've dropped calls in areas around Sugarhouse where I used to have good coverage. Oddly enough, I still have 3 bars on my V60, but the call quality is terrible...

    I returned the Sprint 650 in the hopes that a GSM version would be released this month. From what I can tell, Cingular must be converting TDMA sites to GSM. That would explain the declining TDMA coverage...

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