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    Excuse what may be a newbie question...

    I've had a Treo 600 on AT&T for a few weeks and yesterday was the first time I tried to make a GPRS connection to surf the web with a Cingular signal. (I'm out of town this week...Cingular has a lot of coverage here, AT&T's is very limited.)

    Even though I have the GPRS wedge on the signal strength indicator, I cannot make a data connection while I have a Cingular signal. When I'm back in the AT&T footprint, I can surf the web, download e-mail, etc.

    Am I missing a step somewhere?

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    I've had no problem moving back and forth between AT&T and Cingular; both phone and internet have worked fine. The only thing I notice is that fetching voice mail requires pluggin in my # on cingular but not on AT&T.
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    GPRS should work across the board, no matter what carrier you are using.

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