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    Do you know when Treo GPRS will be available in the UAE with Etisalat and what the proper setting should be?
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    I have been using it for 3 weeks in Dubai...the settings can be found in on the etiselat home page via the link to mnet....

    Works verey good EXCEPT for at the DIC...but that is a coverage problem my T68i also has probelms there..
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    I must try it then!
    Which GPRS patch are you using: v1.0 or v1.1?
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    OK - I can connect to receive and send Email (with Eudora Mail and Iambic Mail) using msnet login information and not ewap.

    But I cannot surf the Web (either with Blazer or EudoraWeb).
    Can you?

    If you can, did you enter proxy information?

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    I just used the standard port 8080...
    works like a charm...
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    Information on setup site was over-complete ( instead of only) and of course didn't work!

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