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    A question for all for all you Verizoned Treo 650s out there, which I asked on another thread: why all the excitement about "Verizoning" sprint Treo 650s, (with all the complications, and occasional failures, involved) when you can get Verizon's best feature (superior coverage) from Sprint for only $5 a month?

    Seems that the most important feature for most of us is that we still need an excellent phone with clear reception and good coverage. In my area, Portland Oregon, thatís Verizon, but for $5 a month I can just have Verizonís coverage added to a Sprint account. In addition, Sprintís data plan seems to be the most reasonable.

    Xenophyte suggests that if youíre ďlocked into a contract you'd stay with Verizon.Ē But beyond that, I donít understand the excitement, other than doing it just for the sake of doing it. Xenophyte adds ďthe Sprint $5 roaming does have a limitation as you can't have more roaming minutes than on-network minutes. And you can't roam data (same with Verizon). But if within a metro, that is not likely.Ē At any rate, I donít get it. Why not just get Verizon's coverage for an extra five bucks a month, and move on? What am I missing here?
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    If you go with VZW you'll be missing about $30 a month if you want data.
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    Packrat4217 -

    You are not missing anything. I was a 6 year VZW subscriber (and 4 month T600 user) b4 I switched to Sprint and a T650. I live in Westchester NY and on rare occassions will I roam from Sprint to VZW. In fact, in most places i go to the Sprint coverage is better than what I previously rec'd on VZW. And I don't want to get myself started on VZW's data network, which would ping the Treo 600 all day long, draining my battery in 6 - 10 hours (depending on usage) and causing me to miss 50% + of incoming calls to voicemail. Plus, VZW has the highest rate plans for voice and data. Sprint's data network is faster and more efficient as well. VZW is basically a Bell Operating Company that rapes their customers for $ every chance they get. As wireless network coverage becomes ubiquitous in the US, VZW will start to get their head handed to them by MVNO's and the other carriers. VZW still operates under an RBOC culture which is antiquated and i would not be surprised to see 10 years from now VZW getting gobbled up by another, stronger player in the wireless industry.

    Who would've thought that SBC would by ATT for 1/5 of SBC's market cap in 1995?

    VZW has it coming...
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    I think it's important to remember that just because you're a Sprint customer with the $5 roaming plan, your coverage area is not equal to Verizon's. In other words, don't look at a Verizon coverage map (which is huge, and covers most of the country) and figure, "Hey, that's my coverage now too!" Most of that coverage, particularly in rural areas, is not Verizon's own coverage but other carriers with whom Verizon partners.

    Unless Sprint also partners with those same regional/rural carriers, you won't have coverage there.
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    Also, and most important, when you use Sprint's service and roam on Verizon, you don't get data services.
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    Quote Originally Posted by packrat4217
    why all the excitement about "Verizoning" sprint Treo 650s, (with all the complications, and occasional failures, involved) when you can get Verizon's best feature (superior coverage) from Sprint for only $5 a month?
    What a foolish statement. If you think that adding "roaming" to your account is giving you the same coverage as Verizon you've been duped. It costs Sprint every time you use someone elses tower and that includes Verizon. They do not want you to roam on someone elses network. Give it a try sometime and compare to Verizon. Go to a fringe Sprint coverage area and see how quickly it will switch to an alternate providers tower.

    I can't stand Verizon either but when it comes down to it, I want to be able to make and receive calls. I go with them out of necessity of coverage
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetfreak
    Also, and most important, when you use Sprint's service and roam on Verizon, you don't get data services.
    Bingo! that's the point I wanted to make. You can roam for voice up to 50% of your alloted minutes, but not data. If you roam often and you need data it maybe worth it to pay the $45 to Verizon. Otherwise, stay put with sprint and your most frugal plan of $15. It is the best data plan deal in the business
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    Keep in mind you can't get data when roaming off Verizon as well. From what I've read, Verizon coverage map includes roaming areas, not just their base network. If you live in a rural or exurban area, Verizon might pay off, maybe. But if in a metro area, I don't see how anyone would consider VZW over SPCS considering the data plans alone. Also, I don't think the 650 can roam on analog anyway so the Verizon advantage is zero for the 650.

    Sprint is also great for data even with only 1 bar. I was in nowhereland Florida, not near a highway, and had only 1 bar. I could still browse the net on laptop via Bluetooth on the 650.

    Anyone out there doing the Sprint roaming plan? How often do you actually roam? I'm guessing very very little. But if you have to, good to have it I'd think.

    Also, when Verizon rolls out access to NYC subways, I wonder if the Sprint $5 plan would work on it (with the known limitations of course).
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    the CDMA carriers in this country really need to put their stupid bickering aside and figure out how to have data roaming cooperation. There's a ton of small regional CDMA carriers in the US, plus the big boys like Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, etc, but none of them allow you to roam data, even though they all use the same damn technology.

    This is a true advantage to GSM. Their interoperability is really something to be envied.
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    There are more threads from Sprint users talking about how much they LOVE their cell phone provider and questioning why there are so many VZW customers.

    I don't get it. Why does anyone care about what carrier another person uses? It is not YOUR money being spent.
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    It doesn't seem like anyone really realizes that Verizon's 1xRTT network is relatively small compared to their voice network. Verizon is not like Sprint, who prefers to have all of their services work the same no matter where you are at on their network. Take a look at Verizon's voice calling map, and then compare it to their Enhanced Services map. It's shocking.

    However, you don't get Verizon's towers for $5 extra per month on a Sprint account. Sprint wants to get out of paying other carriers for the minutes their customers use while roaming as much as possible. To do this, Sprint has their PRL file set up to look for the cheapest provider's towers first, and these are usually analog towers. Sprint's about to release a PRL update that is rumored to only contain changes in roaming priorities for a fraction of Alabama. Like I said, they watch every penny of paying other carriers for roaming, and I doubt Verizon charges them the least.
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    OK, I think I have my answer. You'll be screwed by someone no matter what you do. Verzon has better coverage (not amazing, just better), but their data plan sucks. Sprint has OK coverage in metro areas (where most of us do business) and a better data plan, but their access to Verizon's network for rural coverage is less than it appears. And Verizoning a Sprint phone, with its attendant technical risks, should take that into account. To respond to Beryl's question about caring what carrier other people have...asking people what their experience is with their carrier is the best way we consumers have of making an informed decision, and rewarding carriers that provide better service and penalizing those that provide inferior service. For markets to work, the buyers need good information. Thanks for the information, all of you.

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