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    Long time reader first time poster..

    Just had a question about data roaming on Verizons network. I know that this has been asked many times, but the info I found seems to be outdated and wanted some feedback from other Pre users than may use this feature.

    I have the everything data share 1500 plan from Sprint and I'm using the frankenpre 2. I travel a couple times a year to an area than has little to no Sprint coverage. Ive read that we can apply the patch that makes the Pre only roam. I also read that Sprint allows this without charge as long as you use the majority of your data/minutes on the Sprint network. But I also read that the put a 300mb cap on the usage.

    Does anyone use this regularly? How firm is Sprint on that 300mb cap? Or will they only fuss about using the majority on roaming?

    Just wanted to hear from someone who actually does this and find out their experience/problems with it.

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    I've never had an issue with roaming. I have the $69.99 Everything plan and in my travels I've not heard a peep from Sprint nor have I been billed extra.
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    So you use roaming quite often?

    thanks for your reply!
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    I concur, I have used my Pre everywhere I travel (within US) and have never had any issues with roaming charges. You do need the always roam patch for it to select verizon in areas where Sprint signal is low. It will usually try to select sprint even if it is very low signal.
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    pretty sure the deal is done last i heard. Tomas has a great thread going on the sprint community forums called [Network and Coverage] "Voice and 3G coverage being drastically reduced"‏ its an interesting read, i lost coverage in my area, and have since moved to att since verizons data is really slow in this area. thought i was gunna miss the pricing, but i rarely push over 1g a month because of wifi, dont use sprintv, and dont use nav, so with the current incentives att turns out to be cheaper with the corprate discounts i get, not to mention the data speed is double sprints.
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