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    -Cingular Treo 650 w/ Original box, Manual, Cables, and Software
    -Palm Cradle Kit w/ Travel Adapters
    -2 Batteries
    -Car Adapter/Charger
    -Extra Home Charger
    -Extra Travel Sync Cable
    -Pack of Premium Screen Protectors (10 or so remaining) w/ Cleaning Cloth
    -Treo Car Mount (Vent Mount and Windshield Mount)
    -Handsfree Headset
    -128 MB SD Card

    The Treo is in excellent condition and has had a screen protector on since the day I got it.

    Looking to get $445 Shipped w/ Insurance. I have 215+ positive references at under the name flashram.
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    Whould you like to trade for (4) 17" Tenzo-R AV-7 wheels. Email me at for more info and pics.
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    i may be interested in this.. do you have aim or some sorts of communicating software

    also has this been firmware flashed or anything? i have cingular service and im needing DUN enabled.
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    NCspecV81- Sent you a PM and email.

    jsully85- Don't have any use for those but thanks for the offer.
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    MINE! thanks flash!
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    w00t! im finally a true member to this board now! already got my ish own! dun, reverse dun, bt hotsync, versamail via gmail all setup! =o)

    IF there was a buyer/seller feedback this would definitely be positive! flash is the man!
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