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    Ordered early October via the Web page.
    Confirmation showed Duplicate them no response.
    Credit card charged for duplicate on November 23 not recived yet... after holding for 30 min just givin a tracking number on Dec 6 can't imagine it is still in the area....Handspring did not have the full address.....I think I will cancel
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    No, its not worth it. I also ordered early Oct. No word by end of oct, and countless hours on hold, so I cancelled (the one time I did get through...). A two weeks ago my cc was charged. Needless to say, I was shocked and dismayed that I was charged for something I had cancelled. Tried to call csv, got the run around numerous time, but I persisted and finally got the charges reversed. There is no excuse for their actions. Crappy customer service. I don't care how "great" this product is, I'll never be a customer. Handspring, get your act together.
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    I ordered September 16th and finally received my Visor on 12/2. Now I have received an email from Handspring's Customer Supporton 12/4 wanting me to contact them because they have inofrmation wrong for my order. Looks like there are multiple orders in their system for me. I'm afraid to call because if they go over and correct my information they will probably send me another one even though I never placed the order. It was bad enough I had to wait so long to receive my Visor now I have to deal with trying to cancel one I never ordered. Hopefully they straigthen themselves up by next year.

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