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    I noticed in the RECEIVED LOG topic replies that the vast majority have used the phone to place their order.

    Any reason in particular? I'm a PDA virgin looking to place an order within the next couple of days.

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    Handspring has had a number of problems getting the logistics of their ordering and shipping straightened out. Because of these problems, the original phone orders and web orders were messed up.

    Now that the problems look like they might be clearing up, it is probably better to order via the web. I suggest the web because you have more control over whether the order gets messed up. The less you can involve humans in the process, the better off you are in most cases.

    For the record, I've ordered two visors. One by phone back in September when they became available and one by web on 10/29. I've received two visors for my one phone order and I suspect I have my web order waiting for me at work tomorrow when I return.


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