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    Selling Brandnew Unlocked HP Touchpad 4G 32gb

    Free shipping to U.S., international shipments - T.B.D. Will take paypal or credit card payments via paypal portal.

    $280 $250

    New Price: $229.00

    pm me if interested.
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    replied to PM...
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    still available
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    Pump. Really love it. Still looking a company for my Pre 3. But add shipping cost to Australia maybe little bit over my ability.
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    You can have it sent to a u.s. address if you have friends or family here, I will ship if for free, then you can take care of shipping on your own to Australia.
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    still up for grabs.
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    Courtesy 'bump' for you

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    touchpad 4g is still available
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    still availible
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    yes I still have a couple sealed units available.
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    <New price updated in OP>
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    Willing to trade for a BNIB 32Gb non 4G Touchpad and some cash?
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    Please see new thread located here:

    BNIB (Brand New In Box) HP Touchpad 4G 32gb

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