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    I'm looking for a 16 or 32 for my wife. If I can't find one she's going to the dark side.
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    In ATL 16 or 32. 32 preferred but either is fine. Just want one for me. Thanks.
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    Id love one too!

    16 Gig or a 32 Gig.

    Living in VT. Will pay for shipping and a little extra for your asst! Thank you!

    Please PM me to set this up.

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    I'm in Cockeysville, MD if anybody has any to sell. I would take whichever. Please PM me if you are still looking to sell.
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    In Taiwan, would like any size, 3G not needed. I haven't figured out if these have to be activated once in a certain country in order to get access to the app catalog?

    As an aside, Taiwan is the only country on the planet that has a 32GB version of the Galaxy S 2 if anyone is interested in that. See this:

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    I'm looking for either a 16 or 32 gb, either/or both for my husband and myself. If we get one, then we're happy. In San Antonio, Tx.
    Thank you!
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    A total newbie here but would like one for my college-bound kid. We're in San Jose, CA. Thanks!!
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    has any one been sold a touchpad from posting in this thread?
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    * Looking to buy one 16gb OR 32gb Touchpad

    * I live in Baltimore, Maryland and will pay shipping but also willing tp pick up if local.

    * prefer to do business within the US only.

    *prefer 32gb but will take 16gb if available.

    *Prefer new in the box, but will still pay you your costs for an open box deal, as long as condition is like new, and all packaging and paperwork are in order.

    *Might also be in the market for a 2nd device, if you have it.

    This is for my wife's mom, who lives far away, and never see's the grandkids. This is a great, affordable way for her to see them.


    Please PM me!

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    Hey, I'm looking for 1 TouchPad, any size (I had an OnSale order cancelled and have driven to/called about 20 places, to no avail). Will pay $40 above retail. Live near Hartford, CT, but willing to drive a bit to get one if I have to.

    Please PM me and let me know if you have an extra. I'm still rocking my launch day Pre and when it dies soon I'd like to still have something WebOS to use. Thanks.
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    I am a pre user, big fan for palm.
    In Chicago, IL, anyone could sell a 16G to me?
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    I still haven't gotten a touchpad either. I'm looking for either a 16GB or 32GB. My original post in this thread is #36.

    I'm also watching out for those not scalping touchpads and will buy more than one if I find them so that I can get one mor more for others. Problem is because they didn't limit the orders you have llots of scalpers selling these things at close to the previous MSRP. Really a shame that people are feeding the scalpers because if everyone didn't they would be forced to drop their prices because they shouldn't have bought them so we could have bought them.
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    I'm from Slovakia and looking for 1 or 2 pcs 16/32g.

    b&n cancelled my order

    If you like my applications (SynoMusic, SynoDM, SynoFM) and want to donate for future upgrades and development
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    Im looking for either the 16gb or the 32gb model. Will pay for shipping.

    I am located in Kaneohe, HI
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    Looking for 2x 16GB - one for myself and one for my mostly bed-ridden father. I am out in NW Indiana.

    I know I am new, used to be here when I had a working Pre minus (RIP my friend), but by all means I will gladly take one off your hands if you get an extra.
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    I'm looking to buy a Touchpad, either 16GB or 32GB. I'll be around western/central Illinois/Chicago for the next few days.

    I'll pay cash and my eternal gratitude.
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    Im looking for either 16 or 32 gig will pay slightly marked up price in san fransisco california.
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    Me too!
    16 or 32 gbs is cool
    I'm in Oakland CA
    Will pay for shipping.
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    looking for either a 32gb or a 16gb. I am from the east bay area california. I am also paypal ready and willing to pay for one to be shipped.
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