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    Since I'm a noob here, I can't post in the Marketplace - but I'm looking to give WebOS a try before the Veer appears on my doorstep next week. I have a like-new Rooted and Gingerbread laden Inspire running CyanogenMod7 that I'd like to trade straight up for a like-new Pre 2. Please PM me if you're interested. Sorry about posting to a non-market forum on this - but maybe I could be cut some slack since I'm eager to join the community here.

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    I will move the thread for you. Hard to imagine that you will be able to complete a trade before the 15th... but welcome to webOS!!!
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    Thanks very much - I hope to enjoy it... I went to the AT&T store to play around with the latest Pixi they had there and it certainly looks interesting... it'll be a nice change, anyway.
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    Exchange made! Thanks pastorrich1!

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