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Twitch app for LG Webos 2.0
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Hello everyone,

I just purchased a new TV from LG, but unfortunately I found out that my favorite Twitch app isn't supported by the LG Content store. I was browsing online and found couple of home made apps, which did turn on, but after clicking on the stream nothing happened. I was hoping there could be someone here that has a same issue and figured it out, or if there is another app at LG content store which could replace the Twitch.

I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you in advance guys!
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People claim this probably works on webOS 2.0?


No idea. Haven't tried it. I don't use Twitch. Sorry.
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i watch twitch from my browser wiYh no problem.
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Hello twitch viewers,
recently (since 1-2 weeks) my twitch stopped working properly (from the browser). First i noticed the chat disappeared and never wanted to load again. Then i noticed there is a problem in general. Today rarely anything loads..The page stays blank there are no streams showing. Only the first page shows but the player is missing.
Its not a problem with the internet connection.
In the past i didn't have any problems and never thought about trying to get a twitch app..
I cleaned history, looked for updates but that's all i can think of...
Does anyone else have such problem? Help!
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