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Getting HBO Go and BBC iPlayer on new LG Smart TV
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I recently bought an LG Smart TV (the 55EG9100). I live in Hong Kong, and the TV's default region is such. Thankfully, the Netflix app was pre-installed thanks to the fact that it is now available here. However, the BBC iPlayer app is not (and is available in the UK), and neither is HBO Go (which is obtainable in the US). I would like to access these, but when I go to the LG Services Country option in the settings menu, I only have 'Hong Kong' and 'Others'. When I click Hong Kong it restarts and gives me all the hk options, and when I click others if restarts and then there is not even a content store available. When I had first setup my TV the country option was greyed out meaning that Hong Kong might be hardcoced into the TV, which is bad as I want to changw its reason to the US and/or UK.

However after a bit of searching I found this: Hulu Plus or Netflix on overseas LG webOS TV

However the details were a bit jumbled up, especially with one person stating that a new update makes the fix break down and another even saying that their TV broke when trying to do the fix. (these fixes involved going into service codes or something and changing the region).

I am not that tech savvy, so would someone mind giving a clear explanation of what I should do to change my TV's region? Thanks!
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