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Web OS stuck after replacing main board
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So I recently purchased an LG 65LB7100 tv that was damaged by a lightning strike. Cable channels had green vertical lines and Hdmi inputs had feint flashing lines. Menu was unaffected and tcon board was not the issue so I changed the main board. TV turned on, showed lg intro then web os intro. Then a screen showed up that displayed the smart remote with the ok button flashing. When I pressed the ok button on the magic remote there was no response and the led indictator did not light up so I am stuck at this screen. Power,Channel, volume, and mute buttons all yield the led indicator to light up and the volume adjustment even knows up on the screen but none of the other buttons are working. Remote worked fine before changing board and has fresh batteries. Please help!
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Hi, J_Austin92!

I think I can help you with this one :-)

Your remote is likely still paired to the old board. SO, you need to re-pair the remote.

You can do that by holding down the Back and Home buttons (it may be another combination, depending on which remote you have, I'm not familiar with your model number .. it's always the two buttons above nearest the center OK button, that aren't the directional keys) for approximately 5 seconds or so. On most of the remotes, this will cause the light on the remote to blink a few times, then stay lit. Some of the models, it doesn't stay lit. But, once you've done this, press OK, and it should take a few seconds to pair it to your new board.

Good luck! Enjoy!
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