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Netflix problem
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Hi, I have an LG50UF830V TV. I bought the TV in Nov 2015 and Netflix worked as expected until the TV updated it's software to 04.20.50 then Netflix wouldn't play any title for more than a few seconds. Resetting the TV worked for a short while (movie played for 1/2 hour or so) then again would't play any title again. Netflix works on every other platform that I have inc the LG bluray player. LG said as there were not enough people highlighting this issue they wouldn't examine it further.
Luckily as I got the TV from Costco they happily replaced it this week. Netflix is working fine but I have not updated the software (which is a pain as I have to cancel the update each time the TV is turned on).

Has anyone else had this issue? I may have had a faulty set but don't really want to risk it.
I have also noticed the picture is far better on the old software. I'm in the UK if that makes any difference.

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Basically, that's it. I've tried logging in on my phone and computer, and I have no problems at all. We got the TV new before Christmas, and we've been using it ever since. A couple of days ago, there was an update, and it killed the app.

I get the error saying that my account doesn't exist.

I've checked the interweb, and I found an exact reference to this problem from 2012... and no solution. It is here:

Netflix not working on new LG Smart TV after Netflix release latest patch

I will keep informed if I find anything useful.

You're not the only one.
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I had to uninstall Netflix and then reinstall, this was after a factory reset, and a number of calls to LG. You'll find Netflix in the premium app zone for the reinstallation. My issue was it would not recognise my username and password after an upgrade on the tv. Hope this helps.

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What TV you got there coyzer?

Official statement of LG Croatia is that my 4K 49UF8507 does not support Netflix because it streams movies in 30 FPS while TV is running at 60 FPS.

Is there any way I could download Netflix app and install it through USB?
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Close if to months and still there is no solution

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Originally Posted by jokruger View Post
Close if to months and still there is no solution
Or... keep open for someone to discuss the issue and post a solution if one is found (at which time we'll update the title to show "Solved") Thanks for the feedback!

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