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Usb hub
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I there,

I have a LG 18UF680V and bought an USB HUB, everything was going fine, I've played some movies etc
Then I try to record or turning on the live playback and it says that I have no USB HDD Atached..

The weird thing is that I had a previous record schedule, and it has recorded with no problem, now if I edit the schedule I cannot save ir because it detects no USB.

Can anyone Help?

I've formated the HDD drive again, the hub is a TP-LINK UH700, that has external power and USB 3.0
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Maybe the chain can 100% reliably detect your device, as there is a middle-man in between. Or maybe it's something related to the power consumption of the chain itself. that would prove why sometimes it may work, sometimes not.

If your TV has multiple USB, why don't you connect your Live-TV HDD directly, and use the HUB for the other things?
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This TV has only one USB! a little sad

Well, the function to play movies and access files is always available, and the 7 ports are detected, the only problem is the live playback or time machine.

The weirdest is that all the recordings that are schedule are recording just fine, but if I press the button to "record now" it gives a message that I have no USB HDD..

Has anyone tested an hub that works?
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