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    I am thinking of buying new TV (LG UHD 4K SMART 55UF680V). It has webOS 2.0. I am using NAS server (SAMBA, not Plex) and I have a lot of media on it. Now I am using Samsung TV that can stream media from NAS. My question is: Can webOS stream movies (with subtitles) from NAS?
    Thank you for your answers!
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    I have a new TV with WebOS 2.0 on it. I am not using Plex or anything else.

    I know that my NAS (synology) is compatible with DLNA, and LG tv also. So I only start the smartshare app of the TV, then I have access to my directories of my NAS.

    Then I simply launch my movie. If you have an SRT file with the same name of your movie file, the tv will display the subtitle. I had sometimes some problem with the encoding of the subtitle (I'm french). But that's quite rare.

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    The TV cannot directly read a Windows Share (although I do hear that there are at least two different people that are working on apps to provide that), but if your NAS provides DLNA, then it can use that to pick it up using the SmartShare app. There may be other options as well.
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    What I did and reccomend is the following.
    Instead of waiting for LG or WebOS to natively support samba share or any other technology that they don't support, just plug a HDMI Android stick, which are quite cheap these days.
    I bought the following for just 29USD (there are many variants)
    Quad core Rk3188 CX-919II CX 919 II mini pc Dual wifi antenna android 4.2.2 bluetooth built in google android tv stick CX-919 II
    Quad core Rk3188 CX 919II CX 919 II mini pc Dual wifi antenna android 4.2.2 bluetooth built in google android tv stick CX 919 II-in TV Stick from Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group

    It is a full android mini PC, you have Kodi on it which gives you full media centre experience with samba share and kinds of possibilities. Plus all the several hundreds thousands of android apps.

    This works well.
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    Attach and android stick via HDMI and all your connectivity problems are gone

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