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Update 5.00.04
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Can anyone confirm after the new update whether the 3DGO! streaming app can now stream in full DTS 5.0 sound?
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One question. I have LB650V tv set.

Does this 5.0 upgrade contains HEVC codec in media player?

Thenks in advance for answer.

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Originally Posted by Macco26 View Post
I'm ok with the upgrade, but I noticed that when I need to let the Time Machine control appears by clicking on the Magic Remote central button, it never register the first press. Always the second on the button.
I prefer this new behaviour - one click makes the pink bean appear, then you can go to the right of the screen for programmes and time-machine charms, top of screen for channel/programme information or bottom for live pause/playback.
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Ah, didn't realize that just bouncing off bottom side would show TM controls. Neat. ^_~

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I finally received the new update. I find the dropdown list on the right to be o.k. , just wish they would have added - turn screen off - to it. Hopefully in the future they wiil add ability to change these out.

I use this tv as a monitor and it auto shuts off after 10m inactivity. After turning back on, the bottom banner stating that no device detected thankfully, just shows for a couple of seconds and then goes away, whereas before it would make me manually choose an input. Very annoying.

I don't use the browser much, as there is no flash for sports watching, but I did try a few bookmarked pages and it does seem to be more responsive and a tad faster, not much.

I helped a friend install a 2015 49" the other day with 2.0 and spent a while checking out the new OS and it for sure blows this one away. Not complaining though, as the other major vendors seem to charge their customers for for these major updates. Thanks LG

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Just done software upgrade for my 79ub980t today, from 04.65.05 to 05.00.20 afro-ashley.
The WebOS look just like 2.0 now
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