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    We've got a LG 55LA620V

    I wanted to know: is there anyway of sending a message to the TV - so anyone viewing would get a message popup for a few seconds in the middle of the screen?

    Just looking for a way to communicate with the kids instead of shouting out loud


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    It's possible to do this. What are you planning to send the message with?

    Connect SDK is here
    Connect SDK Supported Features
    Developers LG webOS SDK site ready. Sign up.

    So maybe you can find an app to do this - or even write one! The age of Legacy webOS means it is not supported, but an LG developer (jl85) has posted code that may make a legacy app possible on the TouchPad at least.
    Connect SDK is here
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    Smart tv don't think so.
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    55LA620V is a 2013 model running Netcast, not webOS. webOS supports displaying a notification in the corner of the screen from a remote app, but Netcast does not.

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