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3d subtitles
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Does the LG 42LB650T tv support .ssa or .*** subtitles?

I can get the 3D mkv movie file to play with external SRT subtitles, but not with SSA or *** subtitles.

Would like SSA subtitles so that the subtitles are 3D as well.

the files are loaded on a usb drive connected to the tv.
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I have 50LB671v and also have trouble with 3D subtitles. Acording to SmartShare's Help it does support, but TV doesn't play internal or external subtitles:

4-7. I cannot see the subtitles of the video I am playing.
If you want to play a video with subtitles, check the following matters.

① Both the sender and the receiver of a video with subtitles should be LG products.
(LG PC, LG TV, LG Net Hard, etc.)

② The name of the video file should coincide with that of the subtitle file, and they should be located in the same folder.

Supported formats for subtitles

With LG PC SmartShare : .smi, .srt, .sub, .***, .txt, .ssa, .psb
With LG TV : .smi, .srt, .sub, .***, .txt, .ssa, .psb
• With LG Nethard : .smi

④ Among LG PC SmartShare devices, subtitles work correctly with .avi and .mkv video types.

The subtitle will not be played unless all the above conditions are met
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