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Developer Mode in LG webOS TV
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Old 11/13/2014, 12:26 PM   #1 (permalink)
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The good news it that developer mode is supported in LG's webOS TVs. The bad news - unlike Palm/HP's style, LG's developer mode needs login which provided only for partners.
I hope one day it will be opened for the third-party developers and we will have Preware with lots of homebrew apps in it .

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I didn't realize webOS TV also supported Ukrainian*(?) localization/ language.... This should allow us to have the future community App Catalog with the UI in many languages without having to have someone proofread everything, because LG has done all the hard work

*For all I know it could just as easily be Byelorussian or Bulgarian, though Bulgarian skips some vowels AFAIK... still curious to know..
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Remy X, you're a polyglot. Yes, it's Bulgarian
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yep, I was about to point out it's Bulgarian. Had to read all the bulgarian words to make sure it's not Russian
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Not to dash anyone's hopes, but Dev Mode on TV is a nice thing that mostly gives you quicker access to testing apps on TV by pushing them over network, instead of having to install them via USB key, and provides some additional on device debugging tools. It's more open than not having any access at all, but it does not give you a root shell. :-) (I think you can get a shell, but it's fairly limited, probably mostly for testing node services)

I am also hoping it will eventually be opened up to independents, but there's not anything stopping an independent dev from trying to signup for it at the developer site? Maybe might require some NDAs or something.
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Can anybody confirm this? (sceptical)

Dave Freeman ‏@sugar_dave
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pivotCE ‏@pivotCE
@sugar_dave Dev mode at last?

Dave Freeman ‏@sugar_dave
@pivotCE I should say _I_ have the technology :P

Dave Freeman ‏@sugar_dave
@pivotCE But, I think you can download the devmode app in the store.....I think
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