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How do I play a 3D Iso in the TV directly
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Guys anyone knows a way to play a 3D Iso in the TV directly ?

Till now i achieve this by using anydvd to mount the bluray.. then with MakeMKV i do a .mkv with the MVC checked and then with TSmuxer i make the mkv to .m2ts and by puting it to a disk my Samung Bluray H6500 can play it ok.. but i need to find a way to play it in the TV directly because i will give back the BluRay player...

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There is no way to do that now.

You can build a dedicated htpc to do much more than just play your few 3d movies .

I use a i3-3225 cpu with integraded Intel HD 4000 which plays all the 3d stuff, I have xbmc as a media center and made a script to play daemon tools and launch external player ppower dvd 14 so I can play full frame untouched 3d blu ray movies, tthisworkes only on windows, I use windows 8.1, hope I was of help.
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rip it to an avi or mp4 and put it on a usb?
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I can play 3D SBS mkv files. I don't know how to make them but I can play them on my 49UB8500.
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