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LG webOS TV: Feature Wish List & Bug/Quirks List
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Old 11/17/2014, 12:53 PM   #61 (permalink)
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Why doesn't LG WebOS have IPTV support of any kind? It really bugs my mind.

They are TV's with an Ethernet plug, which means they support TCP/IP. They support different digital video formats. But why on earth should anyone like to watch IPTV on them? There's not even the possibility to get an IPTV app for the television (at least not in Denmark).

This is bordering to stupid.
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Old 02/18/2015, 09:03 AM   #62 (permalink)
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I'd like to report a bug, hoping that there will be a new firmware update soon fixing this issue.
The TV set (LG 49ub850v) has an option to set the HDMI color space in the picure options menu, It is named "black level" here. It can be set to LOW, HIGH, or AUTO.
I'm using the TV with a computer via hdmi cable, and it sends full range RGB, wich means that "black level" on the TV must be set to HIGH.

The problem:

In the case of certain refresh rates, the TV always falls back to LOW black level (limited color space), even though the picutre menu reports that it's set to HIGH.

So I switch to 3840 x 2160 @ 30hz or 24hz, and the picture is displayed in low black level, but in the picutre menu it seems like it's set to HIGH. Then I change the setting to LOW, and the image does not change. After this I set it back to HIGH, and now the image is disaplyed correctly. However, I have to do this procedure every time I turn on the TV or change to this resolution. In 1080p 60hz, this bug doesn't happen.
I have a the latest firmware updated through the net on the tv and check it regulary.
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Old 03/26/2015, 05:22 PM   #63 (permalink)
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I have several feature requests:
1. please make setting to disable subtitles by default when I am playing videos from external usb.
2. TV does not keep filter (I mean Favourites selection) between power cycles.
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Old 04/07/2015, 03:24 AM   #64 (permalink)
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Just a heads up: 2 days ago my 32LB650V got a new firmware OTA update. I don't know what changed exactly but those are 2 things definitely solved by LG:

- at TV turning-on, TV seems more reactive: I can change channel with the remote a bit faster than before. TV does not try to show the list of channels containing that number if it's still loading, hence it runs smoother. It does only if you leave the numbers written and do not press OK for some time. This at least at start-up.

- they fixed the Favourite Channel filter selection being reset at every turn off bug! Now in LiveTV my TV keeps the filter I set, no matter if I turn it off and on and so on. Yay!

Definitely an improvement! I can't say now what the new FW number exactly is, but I was on 04.41.32 BEFORE the update, and this new firmware not even appears in the LG website support page for the TV (at least in the italian version of the site).
If I am not wrong, Webos version did not changed, only fw.
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Old 05/22/2015, 06:31 PM   #65 (permalink)
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Ability to easier define sound output "ports" and settings for each "Media source" and save them for reuse.

I have a LG 65UF8500 and found it difficult to get consistent sound output to my home theater system thru either a HDMI cable in the #2 slot or an Optical Audio cable. The TV sometimes reverts in internal speakers or takes several minutes to "find" my Home Theater Receiver. Sometimes it takes unplugging everything to get settings to take effect. It would be nice to "Save to Memory" several settings packages that you could quickly switch between at the top level settings menu that appears on the right edge of the screen when you hit the "Settings" button on the remote, without digging deep into the Menus to tweak each item to return to your standard setup. I could call them something like "HomeTheater Video", "Internal TV Speakers", and "HomeTheater Music".
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Old 11/09/2015, 10:20 AM   #66 (permalink)
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bumping the thread to get but 'bug list' back up to the top

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