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Does Sky+ EPG integration only work with LG webOS Smart Remote?
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Hi there,
Unpacked my LG 50LB650V yesterday and spent a few hours playing - wow. LG have done a great job.

What I did notice is that my LG webOS TV does not feature a smart remote. While I have one on order, I could not find a way of integrating the Sky+ HD box in with the TV - the remote refused to control the set top box.

Has anyone in the UK had any success with this? I have updated to the latest version of WebOS but it is not working too well.

Also, is there a way of triggering the Bean Bird install sequence again - in that sequence there seems to be a linear way of adding channels but once the TV is up and running that wizard disappeared. Is it just another way of adding "universal control"?

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Have you tried asking Bean Bird? @LGBeanBird

It seems Bean Bird likes to twitter, but you might want to avoid dawn as I gather it gets kind of noisy around that time.
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I can help with a little bit of this -- you may try the Device Connector app, although I'm not entirely sure if you have to have the "Magic" remote to be able to control other devices directly or not. I also have no idea whatsoever what devices are actually supported with that ability.

There should be a way to re-scan channels in both the Settings app and in the Live TV app, although I don't know the exact sequences right off hand. If you truly want to go through the entire initial setup again, you can do Settings -> General -> About -> Reset To Initial, I believe is how the tree goes.
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Reset tv by general settings-reset to initial settings if you want to start from setup.or go to inputs settings..device connector and try different remote settings.but first connect to internet...
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John, did you ever have any luck with this??

I've just got a 55LB650V and am having the same problems - I cannot control Sky at all and have no EPG either
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