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    Please help me.I have a 4 day old 43UH651v bought in dubai and using now in India.Since I wasnt able to change region I made an home brew ir controller and opened ez adj menu. I first changed it to 1793 US and happy it had worked tried changing to india. Since i didn't have india's code I thought to try diffrent numbers. I entered 4830 as 4834 was for vietnam. Now the tv is broken. The screen is split in half horizontally and bottom half just start black and changes to white, displays nothing. The top half shows the works but no input is played. It keeps restarting randomly. The service guy says the lcd panel is broken and should be replaced.It costs aroud 300 us dollars.
    Please anybody help me fix my tv. IMG_1992.jpg
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    4833 from memory
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    Hi guys,

    I've got a LG UH770T, I've been able to upload the Ez Adust to my Harmony 650 remote, however when i press it on the tv it requires a password, does anyone know what that is, if there is a default one I've tried 7777, 0000, 1234 etc.. any help would be much appreciated.

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    were you able to get your TV fixed?
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    LGthony - Try 0413
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