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[Article] Hands on: LG webOS Smart TVs - Sydney Morning Herald
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Article from a few days ago posted in the Sydney Morning Herald reviewing the new LG webOS TV.

I do totally agree with his point that the information printed on the cards is too small and the card's real estate isn't used well. They need to go back to either large logos or print. The current print (and logos when available) is way too small to see at a distance. This scaling down seemed to come in the last update.

Hands on: LG webOS Smart TVs

Formerly found on Palm smartphones and HP tablets, webOS has a new lease of life on LG Smart TVs where it offers a change from your typical TV interface. Simple to navigate and mostly pleasing to the eye, webOS is a welcome addition to the Smart TV space.

webOS is built around the concept of cards which flick across the screen, offering links to key features and apps. This puts most of what you want at your fingertips rather than hiding it away under several layers of menus. Features such as Live TV and the HDMI inputs are even treated like apps, with the television detecting when an attached player wakes up and asking if you want to switch inputs.

While I like the basic webOS concept, the first thing that struck me in my lounge room is that – once you sit back from the television – the interface isn't as 10-foot friendly as I remember it at CES. Across the bottom of the screen you've got nine cards linking to popular features, plus a large thumbnail linking to the last used app. Scroll to the left and you'll find recently used apps. Scroll to the right and you'll find a full list of every app.

The tall, thin cards are nicely colour-coded but they don't feel like they're making the most of the available screen real estate. Unfortunately once you sit back on the couch the writing and icons on the cards are too small to easily read – particularly the Bigpond Movies, ABC iView and SBS On Demand apps. It feels like LG is trying to cram too much into what should be an elegant interface.

Even if you can make out what the icons represent, you still feel like you're constantly squinting at the menus. LG's own cards like Live TV and LG Store have writing across the bottom, but not so for third-party apps. Even when you scroll onto a card, no more information pops up to tell you what it's about. It's a real surprise considering how user-friendly and non-threatening the rest of webOS feels. I really think that LG would be better off with one or two fewer cards on the home screen, so each card can be wider and the icon larger.
For more, please visit: Hands on: LG webOS Smart TVs

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Hmm. what areas specifically? what size of TV and distance are you at? Are you supposed to be wearing your glasses? ;-) (jk)
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Maybe they should get Bean Bird to auto scale for screen size, then ask the users if they want to adjust it for distance or eyesight at set up?
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