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[News] LG's connected appliances launch - but no toaster (yet).
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LG's connected appliances launch, texting with your washing machine is about to be a thing

LG has begun rolling out smart appliances that can be controlled via text messages. You can interact with LG's smart appliances via HomeChat, a messaging service that utilizes Natural Language Processing to translate your text messages into actionable commands. The HomeChat service uses Line messaging app to communicate with appliances, and comes with a Quick Button feature that allows you to access an appliance's most commonly used functions. Initially, LG is rolling out a HomeChat-compatible smart washing machine, refrigerator and microwave oven.

The texting feature allows you to remotely start your washing machine's wash cycle by texting, "Start washing cycle." You can also get real-time updates from the appliances by texting, "What are you doing?" LG's smart refrigerator, meanwhile, comes with a camera through which you can view the contents of your fridge from your smartphone or tablet. The fridge also comes with a Smart Manager utility that offers recommendations based on the items stored in the fridge. You even get a Freshness Tracker feature that allows you to keep a track of expiration dates of various items in the fridge.

Full story from the Connectedly Blog...

(yes, I know this isn't about TV's, but I couldn't post a picture in the General News forum. )

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Thanks for letting us down gently in the headline.

Somewhere in LGsvl someone is designing a browning slider in Enyo2.
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I like gadgets and all, but somethings really seem to have marginal utility. Controlling the HVAC unit remotely makes perfect sense, but controlling a washing machine?
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