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LG webOS TV: Got one!!
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Originally Posted by marcedhk View Post
Yes you have what is arguably the best UI right now, but when the other companies TV's improve (and they certainly will) and the salespeople in Best Buy start telling customers that the LG and Brand X are about the same feature-wise but while Brand X will work with third party accessories you may already have, with the LG you'll have to re-buy stuff that costs a couple hundred bucks, what do you think those customers are going to do? LG's already cut prices to spur sales, so clearly they''re aware that prospective customers are looking for deals, so why the incongruence?
Ouch....just heard that Roku TV is launching TV's with Roku players built in, and I don't doubt for a second that their stuff will be working with third party accessories:


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I did find out one thing on my TV... it comes with 1GB of storage for apps. When you go to the Premium App screen (in the store) and click on an app, it shows in the bottom left corner how much storage you have used of the total available space.

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I have tried several USB keyboards with my LG TV. They all work OK with apps which display a full virtual keyboard, but they don't work with the Youtube app, which displays its own special one line virtual keyboard. Has anyone found a way to make the Youtube app work with a keyboard?
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Here's a positive review:
LG 42LB700V review | LED TVs | Reviews | What Hi-Fi?

"A fine screen, but the stunning WebOS interface is the real star"
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is it really laggy to play mobile games via phone or tablet then screenshare (screenmirror) it to lg webos tv (mine is the 42lb6500 model) is it really laggy?
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I still cant get my new lg hbs 730 headphones working with lg UB850T 49" Model.
Thank you

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