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Big Brother "Award" for LG SmartTV
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Originally Posted by gizmo21 View Post
LG recieves the german negative award for threatening personal digital privacy:
But to be fair, it's the old model, not a smartTV running webOS.
(of course someone should check whether the same does apply to these new devices)
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I was a bit surprised about this as it's basically tracking viewing to target ads - like Google. And of course there have been bigger controversies. But I see it is a 'consumer' category, so I guess it's fair enough.

Even if the new TVs do this, I think it's not too difficult to block at the router.
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Didn't read up on what was said about why they chose LG, but a menu option to allow/disable tracking that sent these infos either way (!) and sending of file names found on usb devices attached to the tv should be a save bet. And as you said, it's in the consumer category that LG 'won'.

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LG was choosen cause the switch to allow this data to be sent was on OFF and they sent it anyway.
Well lets hope this award helps that LG in the future respecting privacy where the user wants that.
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