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BestBuy: LG WebOS TV coming soon
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BestBuy: LG WebOS TV coming soon.

A place to compare with Amazon prices here: http://forums.webosnation.com/webos-...ml#post3416755

Source: https://es.foursquare.com/arthurthor...vcV2zj8&ref=tw

Arthur Thornton
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I hear a rumor that someone's actually played with the products at Fry's.
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Originally Posted by eblade View Post
I hear a rumor that someone's actually played with the products at Fry's.
that rumor is true:

Fry's Electronics |

LG's LB6300 is a true entertainer. With LG Smart TV and the Magic Remote with Voice, it's easy and fun to access the best of the Internet like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus directly to your TV. And, with LG's new webOS user interface makes accessing your content easy. And, with LED, MCI 600 and Full HD 1080p you are sure to be dazzled by the picture quality.


(NO 3D)
Price $799.- Same as Amazon:

55 inch LG webOS Smart TV 3D Price $1.1.97


I think prices are all the same on Fry`s and Amazon
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I wish a local store would get one of these in so I can go buy one. I'm ready to go right now, dangit.

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My local best buy had the 60" and I got to try it. It seemed very responsive but didnt have the internet hooked up. I could definitely see myself using it once more apps come out and the app store is live. It just seems so much snappier and easy to use vs any tv's I have seen on the market. Most smart tv's are clunky in my experience.

Only worry I had was looking at the samsung 4k tv next to it, although it didnt have webOS, the 4k was amazing. It was the first time I seen one in person (I dont make it to best buy often since I had kids).

I plan to get one eventually...I just hope they keep webOS going and don't stop supporting it in a year. The store clerk seemed to say LG switches their OS yearly. I told him they purchased webOS so its different. Hopefully it takes off with the masses, it has a learning curve for your average user/mom/dad type.
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