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veer 4g unlocked to straight talk issue
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i am having an issue with the setup for straight talk i get to type in my email for the palm profile but it cant confirm it seeing as the network is not set up yet it goes to phone setting and i type in att.mvno for apn and then there is the username and password, but it keeps telling me the apn settings are invalid.....what do i do?
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When it complains about invalid settings, there is a button on the popup that says something like 'Set up anyway', hit that and it will go back and try to log you into your profile again and this time it should go through.
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If I remember correctly - it seems to me that I had to enter the "Set Up Anyway" command twice before it stuck. Seems also that I have heard the same from other Veer users. Might be a bug in Veer 2.1.2 that causes initial rejection.

If difficulties persist, try a reboot between attempts. It may need to read something from a database somewhere following unlock and that info isn't getting recognized "on the fly."

Any more problems, write back here and someone will be checking in.
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well I figured it out after all that fighting all I had to do was put a space in front of the att.mvno setting and boom it works.....now I got to find a pair of headphones that don't just put out a lot of highs seems like that is a part of the phone
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